Wall rendering is an excellent way to radically improve the appearance of your home. Modern uses a unique polymer-modified render to provide Australian homes with industry-leading wall coatings, as well as professional advice and second-to-none expert customer service. Modern’s unique polymer-modified render contains specific additives that aid in providing optimum adhesion, crack resistance, water repellence and an overall longer life in comparison to other standard mortar based renders.


Modern's wall render dries in a fraction of the time compared to alternatives, so you can enjoy your new-look home sooner and with little disruption to your everyday activities. Using our tried and tested 7-stage Modern Wall Rendering System, Modern can repair damaged walls, resurface entire homes, create feature walls and increase the overall value of your property.

Our 7 Stage Wall Rendering Process

  1. The first priority is to ensure that the surface is suitably prepared. Any loose mortar, dirt or loose objects are swept or hosed clean with a high-pressure hose. Wherever possible, external fixtures or fittings, such as downpipes, are temporarily removed. Drop sheets are set up to protect all walkways and surrounds.
  2. Stainless protective trims are applied to all the corners. All windows are masked up.
  3. Cracks and ground joints are cleaned out and re-patched to provide a solid substrate.
  4. The first fill coat is approx 10 to 15 mm, to ensure that the walls are neat and level to achieve the best possible finish.
  5. The Modern Prime-Seal preparation coat is now applied. This not only stabilises the surface but assists in the adhesion of the coloured topcoats and helps block the leaching of salts through to the surface.
  6. This is followed by a 2mm to 3mm skim coat to achieve a true and level surface.
  7. The final stage involves the application of two coats of a high grade exterior paint coating for cement rendered walls, available in many colours.

Wall Rendering from Modern can improve the appearance and increase the value of your home, while providing you with a reliable and friendly service with standards as high as the quality of our product!

Modern's Wall Rendering Tips

Rendering is the process of applying a special surface to the exterior brick, cement or stone buildings; the end result can transform the overall appearance of a home, giving it an attractive, modern look. The mix applied can be smoothed, coloured, painted or textured depending on the look and feel you are after.

Rendering is not just about looks, though – it can also dramatically improve the strength and integrity of walls, make them easier to paint and increasing the value of your home.

Whether you have the skills and experience for DIY, or you prefer to contract someone to do the job professionally, these wall rendering tips can help you understand the rendering process and its applications:

  • The process starts with ensuring the surface is suitably prepared. Excess mortar and dirt should be brushed from the wall; this makes it easier for the mixture to stick.
  • Drop sheets should be put down to protect doorways and surrounds.
  • External fittings and fixtures should be removed where possible.
  • Windows should be masked and protective trims applied to corners.
  • Cracks and joints should be cleaned and re-patched to provide a solid, smooth surface.
  • More than one layer of mixture should be applied to the wall to prevent cracking during the drying process.
  • At the end of the process – once the mixture has dried – at least one coat of high-quality paint should be applied for cement rendered walls.

Modern have been in the home improvement industry for more than 35 years, and thousands of home improvements Australia-wide, our experience speaks for itself. Modern's Wall Rendering Systems and proven 7-stage rendering process uses only the best Australian materials providing optimum adhesion, crack resistance, water repellence and an overall longer life.