Modern garage roller doors are custom built specifically for your garage so they can fit perfectly and securely. Our quality garage doors are manufactured from the highest quality BlueScope COLORBOND® steel which is corrosion resistant. Modern roller garage doors also include nylon polymer hinges that reduce metal on metal contact to alleviate garage door rattle and reduce wear.

No more getting out of the car in the rain and no more worrying if the garage is locked, 'Open Sesame' - it's that easy! Join the thousands of customers Modern has delighted over the past 35 years. As Australia's largest home improvement company we pride ourselves in quality products, unsurpassed service and an uncompromising drive to exceed your expectations.

Garage doors are one of the most effective ways of protecting the contents of your garage from the elements; they can also be noisy, unattractive and pose a safety hazard for your family if badly-made or installed.

Manufactured from Bluescope Colorbond corrosion resistant steel, Modern's garage doors are not only custom built for your specifications, they look great too. Every Modern garage door has nylon polymer hinges that greatly reduce any garage door rattle from metal-on-metal contact and extend the life of the system. This means you can enjoy Modern garage doors on your Australian home for longer!

Modern's garage roller doors are also able to detect obstacles and automatically reverse to prevent damage to your possessions and injuries to your family. Easily operated by the touch of a button on your remote, Modern garage doors are a safe, secure and simple solution for any Australian home.

Modern is the leading garage door specialist in Australia, bringing 35 years of industry experience to every new job. As the trusted name in home improvement, Modern has the expertise and longevity to offer you complete satisfaction and peace-of-mind. Join thousands of delighted customers from all over Australia and transform your home with Modern garage doors today!

Product Range

Panel Garage Doors

Modern's Panel Garage Door combines the look of wood grain textured panels with the durability of high quality, corrosion resistant coloured steel. Available in 7 standard colours and 3 Heritage 'wood look' finishes and a range of options Modern can help add a touch of class to the house you call home.


Our panel garage doors are assembled from fabricated panels that are stacked vertically and individually hinged. In operation, the panels run in a track which is curved through a 90 degree angle, thus allowing the panels to sit flat under the garage ceiling.

Modern employ three different methods of installation, which will be determined by your Modern roller door consultant to maximise opening height within the existing garage structure.

The exclusive 'fingersafe' safety feature comes standard on all Modern panel Garage Doors. Fingersafe is designed to minimise accidental finger entrapment as the door is closing. More safety extras are available as optional extras.

Princeton Garage Doors

The Princeton Roller Garage Door is a high quality door with an attractive profile to enhance the look and value of your home and provide your family with safety, security and value for money.


Modern roller garage doors are fabricated from horizontally ribbed sheet metal panels that are joined together to form the door curtain. The design of the panel allows the curtain a degree of flex and the ability to 'roll up' around a drum.

The Princeton Roller Garage Door’s unique concave face, square line profile door curtain provides a strong and aesthetically pleasing door style. Made from high quality corrosion resistant COLORBOND® steel. Available in 9 standard colours, the Princeton Roller Door is quiet and easy to operate. The unique shape of Modern's door curtain means that the top rib is rolled with a concave form, adding strength to the curtain while prolonging its life expectancy.

The highest quality stretch webbing is used not only on the front but on the back of the door. This gives you double indemnity against metal on metal wear and will add to the years of trouble free service that you can expect from a Modern roller garage door.

Features and Benefits

Auto Reverse


All automatic garage door openers are fitted with this an auto-reverse safety feature built in. Should the door be impeded on closing it will automatically reverse, minimising damage to both the door and the obstruction. Our doors also feature a built-in, timed courtesy light, and can support multiple garage door remotes running on a powerful 1/3 horsepower internal motor. The internal motor in Modern's range of garage doors offers quiet operation and reliability, and is backed by our 5 year guarantee.

Remote Controls

Modern's range of garage door remote controls are small, easy to use and can fit on your key ring; with a number of additional remotes able to be added to any garage door. Even with its compact design, all Modern remote controllers incorporate our proprietary 'hand shake technology' to avoid accidentally triggering your garage door.

Upgradable Safety Beam

Modern's Obstacle Detection Safety Beam System is a non-contact, passive safety device that prevents damage or injury from a closing door. As an optional extra, they can be fitted on our entire range to ensure the door does not operate in the event something obstructs its path.

Limited Head Clearance

Modern Panel Doors can work in ultra low headroom environments and provide maximum drive through height. As these doors are made from fabricated panels and individually hinged to stack vertically, they can run on a 90 degree curve and sit flat under the garage ceiling.

Fingersafe Design

Modern Panel Garage Doors have a revolutionary finger safety design to minimise accidental finger entrapment within the door panels as it is closing. This exclusive feature comes standard on all Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge and Stanford Panel Doors and is just one of the many ways that a Modern garage door brings peace of mind to your day.

Large Width Span

The Modern Panel Garage Door range has been exclusively designed with the larger spanning garages in mind, allowing you to span up to 6.2 metres without resorting to separate doors. Providing all the same features you would expect from a Modern garage door, the Panel Garage Door range improves on this in many ways and provides appealing new and unique looks with the added convenience of securing larger garage openings which could not have been previously done with one garage door.

Upgradable Designer Window

Designer windows can be added to either the Harvard or Stanford Panel Garage Doors and come in a range of styles and configurations so you can add that special touch of class to the house you call home. Not only will these windows greatly enhance the whole overall appearance of your home, they also provide natural light into your garage during the day.

Modern Guarantee

The COLORBOND® steel we use is resistant to corrosion and an ultra tough building material that retains its appearance and properties. Modern garage doors have a long dependable service life which resists wear and tear. All our garage doors are backed by our quality guarantees:

  • 1 year on labour and electronics
  • 5 years motor
  • 2 years parts