Forevergreen Synthetic Lawn

Maintaining a perfect lawn requires hours and hours of work and constant maintenance. Get your life back with no maintenance and an always-green synthetic lawn from Modern.

Modern Forevergreen Synthetic lawn uses a highly sophisticated process of colour pigmentation and maximum UV inhibitor to ensure lush green grass all year round for many years to come.

Not all synthetic grasses are equal, and Forevergreen is in a class of its own. Forevergreen synthetic grass has a natural look and feel and is one of the highest quality grasses available on the market.

Some of the benefits of synthetic grass include:

  • No lawn mowing or ongoing maintenance
  • Green grass all year round
  • No watering, weeding or fertilising
  • No irrigation
  • Child and pet friendly
  • Natural look and feel

Installation Process

Forevergreen synthetic lawn can only be installed by licensed experts to guarantee the highest quality finish.

The Modern installation process is one of the key elements that sets Forevergreen apart from many other synthetic grasses. Our grass is installed using high quality kiln-dried beach sand, as opposed to other low quality types. Forevergreen is also secured using 200ml galvanised pegs which are around double the size of pegs used in the industry.

Step 1: Ground Clearing and Base Preparation


Before laying any new grass the old grass as well as any existing debris must be removed. This is crucial when ensuring long term quality and an even and clean end result. A fine road base or crushed rock is then spread evenly and smoothly and then compacted using a vibratory compactor. Water is added during this process to ensure a firm base. This step is essential to ensure proper drainage of excess water.

Step 2: Turf Laying and Cutting

The rolls of turf are then laid onto the even crushed rock base. Our expert installers ensure that the joins meet perfectly and that the grain in the fibres is running in the same direction. Once laid, the turf is then trimmed around the edges to tightly fit the fence and other outdoor features or objects. This is done with utmost care and precision.

Step 3: Seaming

A seam is made between two pieces of grass and the rolls are folded back, and the joining tape is placed under both rolls of grass. The rolls of grass are then joined together.

Step 4: Securing the Turf

After01.jpgOnce cut perfectly into shape and the trades staff are 100% happy with the positioning of the grass, it is then held down by 200mm galvanized pegs. This ensures the grass stays in position.

Step 5: Infill

Once the grass has been laid and secured, it is filled in with kiln dried beach sand. The sand is spread evenly across the lawn and stabilises the fibres while also acting as an anchor.

Product Range

The Forevergreen range by Modern is created by industry experts and has undergone large amounts of research and development in order to produce the most realistic and affordable synthetic grass. Forevergreen is available in a variety of lengths and styles, all of which are made in Australia from only the highest quality materials.


  • Quality short pile fibrillated synthetic turf designed for domestic use
  • Great for use on patios, balconies, pools, caravans and much more
  • 8mm in length

Landscape 19

  • Quality sand filled fibrillated synthetic turf designed for school playground areas, multi-sport fields and council areas
  • Landscape 19 also comes in a wide variety of standard and customer colours
  • 19mm in length


  • Premium waterless lawn with a yarn and two tone green and beige PA thatch system, designed to require only minimal form
  • Colour variations and yarn material have been designed to retain less heat and remain cooler than other lawns
  • 40mm in length

Summer Prestige

  • Waterless synthetic turf dual combined with PA yarn to give a beautiful lush green grass with some imperfections mimicking natural lawn
  • Ideal for domestic and commercial landscaping including school playgrounds
  • 40mm in length


  • 30mm blade
  • Light and mid tone greens
  • Rich brown thatching
  • Great summer grass tones
  • Available in roll width of 3.70 metres


  • 40mm blade
  • Soft feel with a slightly undulating blade
  • Boosted stitch rate for thicker lush look
  • Olive and brown thatching
  • Available in roll width 3.70 metres

Fairway Gold

  • 40mm
  • Very high stitch rate
  • Soft under foot with great blade rebound
  • Olive and brown thatch
  • Available in roll width 3.70 metres