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"Improving the way Australians live, one home at a time."

Welcome to the Modern Group. Here you will find a comprehensive look into the quality products and services that we have to offer in over a dozen locations around Australia and the world since the 70's.

Take your home to the next level with our range of Home Improvement Products. Designed with the consideration of our unique climate and also the needs of everyday Australians in the environmentally conscious age we live in, the Modern Group has the look and style to suit every home and every budget. With over 35 years experience and thousands of home improvements Australia wide, the Modern Group continues to bring convenient, stylish and affordable home improvement solutions to Australians with pride in our workmanship and service and a mission to improve Australian homes from top to bottom, inside and out.

The Modern Story »

The Modern story begins in Adelaide, South Australia, with a steam cleaning business.

Ron & Tina Bayley owned and ran Bramalco Steam Cleaning during the 1970's and specialised in residential and commercial properties operating from home and a small depot. This was small business in its purest sense. Buried in this small steam cleaning business were the seeds of much bigger things to come. A small part of the business at that time lay in roof repairs and in 1987 the directors developed more effective strategies to enable that part of the business to flourish.

In early 1988 Bramalco Pty Ltd was formed, so beginning South Australia's newest and fastest growing business sector. The Roof Restoration business was born and quickly became the dominant part.

Over the next 5 years, drive and imagination saw rapid growth and diversification. The directors recognised the need for efficient, effective management at departmental level to ensure that effective delivery of product and service to the company's growing customer base was maintained.

In 1992 a branch of Modern Roof Restoration was opened in Perth, Western Australia. Further expansion followed in 1994 with the introduction of Streamline Roller Shutters to the Perth operation. The combination of experienced Adelaide staff with the new and enthusiastic Perth team quickly ensured a successful Perth division of Modern.

By 1997, Modern Roof Restoration had added Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle, Wollongong and Central Coast NSW to its sphere of operations. A further multi million dollar investment in South Australia provided the Group with world class manufacturing facilities for roller shutters and ensured leadership in the Australian roller shutter market. A shutter assembly facility was added to the Sydney operation to accommodate the largest state market.

Keen to ensure the highest product quality, Modern's Roof Coatings Division employs an industrial chemist to oversee development and manufacture of coating products and to conduct ongoing research. Constant improvement is the watchword.

Due to global demand to help the environment and 'think green' in 2006 Modern embarked on some intensive research to enhance the environmental qualities of our existing products, and along the way look into further products that every day Aussies could install on their home to 'reduce their carbon footprint'.

The results of this research were the launch of our heat reflective roof coatings called 'Supablock' and the release of our second generation 'Enviroblind' Roller Shutters – both of which provide for fantastic thermal insulating qualities which assist to reduce reliance on heating and cooling thus reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions by as much as 30%.

But the real prize came in the form of roof top solar electricity power systems (Solar PV). With this product Modern gave its customers the very real choice of using highly polluting and environment damaging conventional electricity OR replacing some (or all) of this with clean, green electricity straight from the sun and into their homes. Solar Power doesn't cost the earth and so within 12 months of trading Modern Solar had quickly become bigger then Modern itself.

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Today, the Modern Group is an Australian market leader in Roof Restoration, Re-Roofing, Roller Shutters and Security Alarm Systems, Garage Doors, Solar Electricity and Solar Hot Water. The Group now employs over 1000 people nationally with this figure growing all the time. Modern are proud members of many associations to ensure that we meet the high standards of Australians today including amongst others; The Master Builders Association, The Housing Industry Association, Australian Solar Energy Society and The Clean Energy Council. Modern proudly supports through sponsorship major sporting teams across various codes throughout Australia.

The Modern Group is still intent on strong growth and diversification and has international expansion high on its agenda. Modern is committed to its customers and staff and is proudly Australian owned!

Our Mission

The Modern Group's corporate mission is to deliver superior results to their clients through sales, customer service and tele-servicing solutions. Their goal is to position the company to be of great value to their clients, the public and themselves. The Modern Group's goal will be achieved by everyone working and performing as a team and by providing superior services to their clients.

The Modern Group is still intent on strong growth with its transformation to MODERNthis. Modern is committed to its customers and its staff and is proudly fully Australian owned.

Our Values

Modern Group
  • The Modern Group is dedicated to serving its customers by:
  • Providing the highest level of professional services to our customers both before and after the sale.
  • Promoting the highest level of integrity to ensure public trust.
  • Continually striving for excellence in technical knowledge and assistance.
  • Honouring our guarantees both in the letter and in the spirit.
  • The Modern Group is dedicated to serving its employees by:
  • Commitment to teamwork with respect for the individual.
  • Encourage individual initiative and accountability; recognise and reward superior performance.
  • Provide a challenging and fun work environment.
  • Learn from our mistakes, make constant improvements and communicate openly.

Our Sustainability

Modern Group

"It's not enough to be sustainable yourself. You also need to help others reduce their environmental footprint."

That's our philosophy behind everything we do. We are always involved with products that are beneficial to our environment and continuously look for more ways to improve them.

  • Streamline Roller Shutters that can reduce your energy consumption footprint by up to 40%
  • Unlike our competitors, EnviroBlind Window Shutters are manufactured without the use of materials that have an Ozone depleting potential
  • Roofing paint innovations like SupaBloc which reflects away the summer sun reducing it’s ability to heat up your house - saving annual cooling energy costs
  • Solar Power Systems which generate free electricity straight from the sun. You can even sell any of your extra electricity back to the grid and help your entire community in the process
  • Solar Hot Water Systems that can save you up to 90% off your water heating bills and wipe up to a quarter off your household carbon emissions
  • Our Rainwater Tanks allow you to recycle water, taking the pressure of your local dams water supplies

Our Network

Modern Group are proud members of many associations to ensure that we meet the high standards of Australians today. Modern Group prides itself on the expertise of its people & professionalism of its affiliations.

Modern Group
  • The Modern Group are proud members of:
  • Alternative Technology Association (ATA)
  • Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL)
  • Australian Solar Council (ASC)
  • Clean Energy Council (CEC)
  • The Housing Industry Association (HIA)
  • International Solar Energy Society (ISES)
  • The Master Builders Association (MBA)
  • Mortgage & Finance Association Of Australia (MFAA)