Modern Solar

Solar Power from Modern is designed with the consideration of our unique climate & the needs of everyday Australians, Modern has Solar Panel & Solar Hot Water systems to suit every home & every budget. MODERNthis offers both residential solar and business solar solutions.

solar power

Modern Solar Power

Harness Australia's abundant sunlight with Modern Solar Panels & start generating renewable energy on your very own roof. Our solar power systems for homes, off grid solar power solutions & business solar systems have never been so affordable, & with solar panel rebates & incentives solar energy is looking much brighter every day!

solar hot water

Modern Solar Hot Water

There is no better time than now to upgrade from electric hot water to one of our fantastic new Solar Hot Water Systems. Not only can our solar water heater reduce your water heating energy use by up to 90%*, the solar hot water rebate looks after your pocket & the environment too!